Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Exhibition A Month: June

I can't believe the fact we are already half way through the year, which means half way through my exhibition a month bucket list. I am really loving getting back into art and design after such a long time away from it all ( Would you believe it that one year ago I was blogging about my graduation?)

This month I was totally lost for ideas of exhibitions I could visit, so eventually settled on The Wonder Of Birds, which is a local exhibition currently in Norwich's Castle Museum. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, and am still fairly confused after spending near two hours walking amongst the exhibits and reading the information plaques, about what and who the exhibition was aimed at. Comprising of paintings, sculpture, taxidermy and fashion attire all very beautiful and unique in their own right but somewhat confusing as an exhibition. Although, all in all, I'm glad I visited as it was wonderful to see so many 'lost' crafts in one place!

On a brighter note. Next stop... July!