Thursday, 30 May 2013

An afternoon back at NUA...

My week has been relatively relaxed until this afternoon when I ventured back to NUA to get the last few bits and pieces for my portfolio, printed my large scale collage for the final show, and also organised for additional fabrics to be digitally printed. I can not wait to pick them up Tuesday afternoon and see the results!

When I got home Mr. Postman had left me a parcel in the form of my business cards. I can't recommend enough for their fantastic quality business cards and beautiful packaging! 

Eventually, I decided on rounded corner, landscape business cards on classic paper due to it's sturdy qualities.  

The hand little holder they send you is an additional bonus!

Friday, 24 May 2013

Rethink, reprint and recently received...

Apologies for the lack of blog posts lately, I have been busy designing and ordering business cards for my final show as well as thinking about my space.

I have decided that my garments look too separate without having a background to them. My initial plan was to incorporate a large scale collage behind my garments using layering and dressmaking pins to give more depth to my work. Although, my plans were changed due to the size of my space becoming reduced as I was moved onto a board instead of the initial wall space I was given. The collage I initially printed is far too big, and overpowers my digitally printed fabrics. After a recent tutorial, my tutor has advised my to reprint and rescale my collage, to entirely cover the board! I'm really pleased he agrees with me as I wasn't feeling very confident with what I had presented for the show. 

On another note, I have just received my sample business card prints from and am so pleased with them! The quality is amazing and would really recommend them.

 I now can not wait to receive my final business cards! Super exciting!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Degree done

Today has unleashed a huge range of emotions from extreme excitement, relief, happiness and sadness as today was my final hand in for my BA textile design degree. I can't believe how fast the three years has flown by, and all the wonderful people and new skills I have learnt from my time at NUA. It's been brilliant and have loved every second, and am really looking forward to what the future holds!

Here are some sneaky snaps of my final garments, taken at a mini photo-shoot in Cromer and also in my space at the degree show. Enjoy!

After submitting my work for hand in and hanging my final pieces, I came home to find my room covered in paper, fabric and various types of tape so decided to de-clutter ready for my next design challenge. It's surprising how much a simple tidy up can make you feel better!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Deadline day eve..

So after three years of studying at NUA, tomorrow is my final hand in day! 

I still have tonnes to do before tomorrow, although with one last push i'm sure it will all get done! In addition to thinking about hand in, I have also had to set up my final show, so today I spent the majority of the morning painting my wall space, and assembling my hanging devise that I will be displaying my final garments from. 

Despite having numerous to do lists to complete, i'm so excited for tomorrow as it's the start of a new chapter into the world of textiles and design and a well deserved change from learning agreements and leaning outcomes!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sublimation prints...

On Friday, I spent the day working in producing fabric swatches which I intend to make into fabric covered buttons using my digitally printed and screen printed fabrics. 

After a recent lecture, I have become really inspired to incorporate different ways to record information. So.. Here is a video of my sublimation prints being printed. It's so fast and give simple and great effects! Definitely going to miss it once i've finished my BA Textile design degree!