Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Happy 100!

Today I'm celebrating lots of exciting things on the blog. 

No. 1... There are so many fantastic bloggers I have discovered recently, that I couldn't help but applaud there totally fab efforts. Here are my top 6 bloggers that I'm loving right now! They are definitively worth checking out. 

A beautiful mess - http://abeautifulmess.com
Iheartstudio - http://www.wilnaf.com

No. 2... August has been a totally fantastic month for me. I've learnt some amazing new skills, visited some wonderful places and spent some quality time with special people. Summer is all about relaxing and just enjoying everything that's out there and this year has really been a good one. The weathers been fantastic and I've been really focused on learning new things and experiencing the world. Ok, so I've not saved the rain forest or travelled around Europe but I've made some amazing new friends, found a job I really love, and am constantly keeping myself in the arts and craft loop through various mediums. 

No. 3... Happy 100! My 100th blog post! I'm so excited, and proud that I've manage to grow my blog into something I can be utterly proud of, and share with the world. Happy birthday little blog! I'm so, so proud of you.