Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Birthday weekend

This weekend I celebrated birthday No. 22 in the wonderful city of Cambridge. It was such a lovely sunny, warm day and was so lucky to share it with two wonderful people. Here are just a few snapshots from the day!

The strawberry milkshake was so delicious, especially with the enormous portion of cream

My piece of victoria sponge, complete with double layers of jam and cream! Beautiful

Me and my boy enjoying Harriets tea rooms. Who thought it would be warm enough to be wearing the sandals and leggings combo in March?

Some delightful cakes and pastries in Harriets tea rooms. Was so difficult to choose with one to have

Cambridge sunshine. Cambridge people. Cambridge architecture

Beautiful sunset at the end of a beautiful day. Perfection 

Happy birthday to me! Homemade chocolate cake I was given as a present (But with only the one candle). So, so tasty!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Pin picks

I have recently rekindled my love for Pinterest, and embraced pinning with a passion.Pinterest is definitely one of those 'go-to' tools I use when i'm feeling uninspired or lost for ideas.  Here are some of my favourite pins from my newest boards, Typography, ceramics, colour and illustration. 

Monday, 3 March 2014

Just A Minute MARCH

March is such a wonderful month for me, lots of things to look forward to and enjoy. Heres just a little snippet of what March will bring for me. Enjoy!

In March I am

Listening to..

Vance Joy, Riptide. Its such a beautiful, summery song that makes me want to dance and be happy. The lyrics are just as additionally beautiful. 


London. I love any excuse to visit the British capital city, feel inspired and surround myself with the hustle and bustle of London City life. As well as sneak in a cheeky visit to 180 Piccadilly. The home of the Flagship Cath Kidston Store. I have recently treated myself to V&A membership, so this month I will be researching into all the wonderful exhibitions I can visit.


Delicious coffees from our new coffee machine. I have never loved a kitchen gadget like this one. Am particularly partial to the Costa caramel latte. One of my new favs that I will be drinking for a very long while!

Looking forward to..

Celebrating my birthday with wonderful people over a traditional, afternoon tea. Like a real grown up (Since i'm getting old!)