As part of my BA textile degree I am required to take part in a series of work based placements within my specialised area of printed textiles. 

During early 2012 I went to a Norwich based textile print design company Original Little Bird, owned and ran by the designer Gabi Bolton. The company was set up during 2007 and specialises in quirky fabric prints, wallpapers and accessories. During my time working alongside Gabi Bolton, I helped with many aspects of her business including, researching, working on Photoshop, Organising fabrics and wallpaper samples, and also collecting cases for her newest project. As well as this I was fortunate enough to be involved within a photo shoot. This was particularly exciting as I was able to see how she sees her designs within particular interior settings and also how much she does as an independent freelance designer. 

Overall, I found the experience highly influential and I feel as if my own textile practice will benefit from working alongside Gabi Bolton in terms of processes used and the ways in which I choose to work.

As well as working with Gabi Bolton, I have also completed a placement with textile print designer Petra Boase who was a lovely lady to work alongside. Her company is operated from her Norfolk based studio where she packs orders, produces cards, prints t-shirts and also deals with contacting new clients. Petra's designs are described as kitsch, with a contemporary twist.

She has really influenced the ways I intend to work in the future and has made me think more about where I see myself in ten years time!

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