Friday, 17 May 2013

Degree done

Today has unleashed a huge range of emotions from extreme excitement, relief, happiness and sadness as today was my final hand in for my BA textile design degree. I can't believe how fast the three years has flown by, and all the wonderful people and new skills I have learnt from my time at NUA. It's been brilliant and have loved every second, and am really looking forward to what the future holds!

Here are some sneaky snaps of my final garments, taken at a mini photo-shoot in Cromer and also in my space at the degree show. Enjoy!

After submitting my work for hand in and hanging my final pieces, I came home to find my room covered in paper, fabric and various types of tape so decided to de-clutter ready for my next design challenge. It's surprising how much a simple tidy up can make you feel better!

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