Friday, 24 May 2013

Rethink, reprint and recently received...

Apologies for the lack of blog posts lately, I have been busy designing and ordering business cards for my final show as well as thinking about my space.

I have decided that my garments look too separate without having a background to them. My initial plan was to incorporate a large scale collage behind my garments using layering and dressmaking pins to give more depth to my work. Although, my plans were changed due to the size of my space becoming reduced as I was moved onto a board instead of the initial wall space I was given. The collage I initially printed is far too big, and overpowers my digitally printed fabrics. After a recent tutorial, my tutor has advised my to reprint and rescale my collage, to entirely cover the board! I'm really pleased he agrees with me as I wasn't feeling very confident with what I had presented for the show. 

On another note, I have just received my sample business card prints from and am so pleased with them! The quality is amazing and would really recommend them.

 I now can not wait to receive my final business cards! Super exciting!

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