Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Day working on the CAD embroiderer..

As part of my third year BA textile design practice, I have decided to incorporate new techniques into my printed fabric samples. So, yesterday I spent the morning working on the CAD embroiderer and learning how to use the 'Generations' program that develops the design ready for embroidering. 

I would really like to book more time using the embroiderer as I feel my designs could be developed further and would compliment my other work more if they were less chunky and had a finer line.

Here are some photographs of my final CAD embroidered design inspired by butterflies and moths.  Unfortunately the photographs aren't too great, but overall i'm really pleased with the final outcome.

Getting started

CAD embroiderer and only 35,596 stitches to go...

Generations program used to develop designs

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