Sunday, 23 December 2012

Ideas for my final project...

My final project for my BA is looming and i've be thinking about which techniques, inspiration and ideas i'm going to take through and develop further. Usually, I take inspiration from natural sources such as birds, trees or butterflies however, for my final project I really want to push this further so have decided to research into skies and skylines. This will involve bringing in elements of man-made architecture such as rooftops, street lamps and headlights. I believe that this contrast of delicate skies and harsh line could create really interesting and innovative outcomes. 

Experimenting in the dye kitchen and with discharge printing 

I have really enjoyed my recent experiments within the dye kitchen, and print room and feel that this will make a good start for exploring techniques and processes. As part of this project I really want to explore the idea of building up pattern, and layers of techniques but in a more sophisticated way. Thinking about the placement of the 'motif' will play a huge part of this experimentation, and is something my tutors have advised me to focus on to create more successful outcomes. 

Here are some initial photographs take from my journey to Norwich and also visiting my Dad on his farm. I really like the idea of bringing different tones and layering colour possibly from using dyes and discharge printing. 

Photographs from my journey to Norwich

Visiting my Dads farm

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