Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Rescheduled crafting!

I planned to get back into drawing this month after rekindling my love of Pinterest and feel inspired once again! However, my black sketchbook is still empty and my pens are still hidden away in my drawing bag, despite really wanting to crack on with everything again. 

Not only has drawing been pushed aside, but so has my Christmas crafting. The past month has been one of those, that despite not being busy, I've just had so much to do. Although, this is definitely going to change with the thought that Christmas is only 34 days away! November is definitely going to be full of all things Christmas crafts, and am really looking forward to when I can hang my handmade bunting with pride after spending so much time creating it, as well as sending my felt cards to all my friends and family! I absolutely love Christmas, and everything Christmas related from decorating the tree, to all the wonderful Christmas food that gets eaten, and of course.. Getting creative with wrapping presents!

What are you most excited for this Christmas?  

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