Monday, 4 November 2013

Just A Minute NOVEMBER

Here it is (As promised) my very first Just A Minute post! I'm really excited to have discovered this way of blogging as it isn't always easy to compile a blog post, although this is a really simple way to summarise what i'm enjoying each month! So here goes, Enjoy bloggers. 



The Undomestic Goddess, by Sophie Kinsella. It was given to me from my Boyfriends Mum, who read it on holiday this year. She really enjoyed reading it, so passed it on to me. I haven't been reading it long, although I am already enjoying seeing what chaos London based Lawyer Samantha gets herself into!


Cosy jumpers, winter boots and my tartan scarf. Nothing beats the cooler weather when you can just wrap up warm and layer up! I am really loving the Joules Autumn collection. It's full of bright colours and beautiful prints. 


Far too many Iced Caramel Frappes. They are super delicious and are perfect with lots of cream!

Looking forward to.. 

Christmas crafting! Its that time of year when the glitter, sparkles and christmas fabric make an appearance. I'm currently crafting lots of cards and bunting and am so excited for when I can decorate the house with all things festive. Heres a little sneak peek of one of my most recent creations!

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