Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween

I can't believe i'm saying this as 2013 seams to be flying by, but.. Happy Halloween bloggers! This week has been full of halloween, pumpkin fun including carving my very own, to seeing the biggest one I have ever seen being carved and also hearing local ghost stories being told at the Fusion Gallery. 

My local library took part in some really fantastic Halloween events this year, and the giant pumpkin carving was definitely one to watch! The pumking itself weighed a massive 92 stone and carving took part over two days, in which sculptor and designer Ray Noakes created beautiful designs within the flesh of this gigantic vegetable. The designs were not only influence by Halloween, but also from local emblems including the cities logo. I visited the pumpkin at various stages of carving and here are photos from each of my visits!

As well as this, local ghost stories were being shown in the library's Fusion Gallery. It was actually really interesting and I learnt so many things about the cities history and people. 

I hope you've all had a fantastic Halloween and are celebrating in style? 

Day one
Visit 1: Possibly the biggest pumpkin I have EVER seen!

Visit 2: Initial stage of carving

Visit 3: Adding details to the pumpkin design

One tooth is removed because Ray Noakes, the pumpkin carver, wanted to see how deep the flesh of the pumpkin was. I was shocked to see that it was so thick, although the skin on the outside was so delicate and was so easy to cut through even though you might not expect it to be!


Day two
Visit 1: Adding extra elements to the design

Visit 2: The finished pumpkin

My own attempts at pumpkin carving are not quite as spectacular although personally, i'm really pleased with how my little owly design turned out. Me and the boyf had great fun creating it, he possibly had more fun than me as it was something he'd never really done before!

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