Saturday, 26 October 2013

Happy Saturday!

Saturday is finally here, and I'm celebrating the the end of my week with a new sketchbook and Pinterest! After recently blogging about my latest Pinterest board 'Pretty patterns, pretty marks' I have finally decided to reunite myself with my art materials and get sketching. I'm setting myself a mini project inspired by two things: Buildings, and also a life drawing from the end of my third year at uni. 

Life drawings 

These particular drawings were something of a breakthrough as I wasn't particularly looking forward to the workshop, although by the end of it I produced something which I personally was really proud of. My drawing style isn't perfectly in proportion, or very realistic although its something that resembles who I am as a creative person and as a designer. The combination of bold, blocks of colour and detailed line drawing is a technique that I will be using a lot during my mini project alongside an area of inspiration that I have never really taken my ideas from, buildings. Designer and artist Dar Rotem, also uses similar techniques within her work which is something I really love about her drawings. 

I hope that by the end of November, this sketchbook will be full of various drawings, mark makings and collages inspired by my Pinterest board and initial source of architectural inspiration. After being away from drawing for so long, I feel that I need something to edge my way back into it! 

On another note, I have recently discovered new ways of blogging which includes a monthly post called 'Just a minute'. I'm really looking forward to giving it ago, so keep your eyes pealed for November when I will be making my first post summarising my monthly ideas and adventures! 

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